Birthing Suites

At St. Mary’s, we want to make your hospital stay as calm and comfortable as possible as you experience the miracle of childbirth.

Gone are the days of delivering your child in a dreary, cold and sterile-looking hospital room. St. Mary’s offers comfortable and charming private birthing rooms that serve as your labor, delivering and recovery (LDR) room. Each LDR room has comfortable furnishings, including a reclining/sleeping chair for your labor support person, as well as a private shower. To enhance your birthing experience, a squatting bar, birthing ball and mirror are available if you choose to use them. Of course, your private LDR room is also equipped with all the technology needed to monitor the safety of you and your baby during labor and delivery.

With the help of wireless, waterproof monitoring that is available at St. Mary's, mothers can walk the halls, move about in their room, and take a shower during labor, if desired.

After delivery, you will find our private postpartum room just the right place to begin the bonding process with your baby. The spacious room is big enough for your baby to room-in with you during your entire hospital stay if you would like. And your partner/support person can spend the night with you using the foldout bed in the room. 

Additional Amenities

  • Private rooms with space for your support person to sleep
  • Private showers
  • Security systems to protect you and your infant
  • Free celebratory meal
  • Room service
  • Free wireless internet
  • Glider or rocking chair
  • Rooming in with baby
  • Snuggle and Snooze to provide quiet time for mothers and babies from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m. each day
  • Professional baby and family photos