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Breastfeeding Support

Our Maternity Services team has helped thousands of new moms establish tender, loving breastfeeding relationships with their babies. We encourage skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby immediately upon birth to enhance bonding and breastfeeding. In addition to our experienced nurses, we have International Board Certified Lactation Consultants on staff for individual consultations during your hospital stay. Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), can be reached Monday through Friday at 217-464-2334.

Baby-Friendly Hospital

At St. Mary's Hospital we are committed to providing the best care possible for mothers and their babies. And we are proud to be the only hospital in Decatur to have earned the national Baby-Friendly accreditation. 

The global Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative selects hospitals that provide an exceptional level of care that promotes mother and baby bonding. At St. Mary's we provide a sacred hour after delivery for undisturbed bonding time, skin-to-skin contact right after birth, shared rooming, one dedicated nurse for seamless communication and ongoing support after discharge. 

Achieving Baby-Friendly status is a comprehensive journey to exceptional care. Policies and procedures are optimized so that mothers and babies have the best start possible. All levels of staff must undergo extensive training and skill building to ensure quality in all aspects of maternity care.

The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding also must be successfully implemented in order to receive the honor of being internationally recognized as a Baby-Friendly Hospital. 

At St. Mary's our goal is to encourage and assist new moms with breastfeeding because of the extensive health benefits for mothers and babies. We also understand and respect the mother's choice to not breastfeed and we are honored to give you and your baby the best experience possible. 

For more information on the vision of the Baby Friendly Initiative or for the health benefits of breastfeeding visit