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Transitioning from the ARC to Home

Transitioning from the safety and security of the ARC to home can be a worrisome time. We understand, and that is why we work so hard to ensure that you and your family have the needed skills to make it a success.

When the time nears for your transition back home, your care team might visit your home to conduct a home evaluation. This allows your care team to tailor your therapy to more precisely prepare you for your return home and to determine what skills you will need to be successful in that environment. Considering the findings of this home evaluation, your care team also might recommend certain accommodations be made to your home to assist in your transition.

We understand that your family and friends are an integral part of your successful transition back home, so we involve them in the transition process. If you will require a bit of help at home, we will train your family to provide the type of support that you might need.

Beyond your network of family and friends, additional support is also available from HSHS Home Care Services. HSHS Home Care can provide care in your home for medical issues or concerns. This service is covered under Medicare and Medicaid as well as private insurance, subject to specific policy guidelines.

Support is also available from community resources and organizations. The ARC has a social worker on staff that is well versed in the variety resources within our community and can help make referrals for you.