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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the process for getting admitted to the ARC? 
The ARC has an admissions team and thorough screening process for all patients referred to us by their physicians. Our ARC Facilitators, Ann Moehring,RN and Kyle Davidsen,RN can be contacted at 217-464-1108 or 217-521-4757 for further questions regarding admission.

Q.What should I bring for my stay at the ARC? 
We encourage you to duplicate your home environment as much as possible at the ARC so that your therapists can tailor your care plan accordingly. As such, you should bring the type of clothing and shoes that you would typically wear at home, along with toiletries and personal care items. You might also want to bring pictures of family and friends as well as a few small mementos from home that will lift your spirits and encourage you on your rehabilitation journey.

Q. Can I have visitors while at the ARC?
Yes, visitors are welcome. However, we typically discourage visitors from coming during your therapy sessions so that you remain focused on your therapy. In the case of out of town patients and/or family members we will strive to make accommodations according to your needs. We also offer caregiver education and training as part of our therapy regimen.

Q. Does Medicaid/Medicare/private insurance usually pay for the ARC? 
Typically yes, although this varies on a case-by-case basis. Medicaid/Medicare and private insurance companies will review your case individually to determine if your stay at the ARC will be covered.

Q. Can my doctor manage my care at the ARC? 
Yes, all doctors with privileges at St. Mary’s are welcome to coordinate your care; however, most ARC patients are followed by our Medical Director, Dr. Jatoi. He is here to oversee your care 7 days a week in addition to Randi Rigsby,NP and full nursing staff.

Q. Are there recreational activities provided for patients? 
Yes. Our dining room doubles as the recreational room and features a computer, television and popular Nintendo Wii video game console. Our staff also regularly plans special recreational therapy events. Music, puzzles and coffee are also provided.