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Pre-treatment Consultation

Because we care about you as a person, not just a cancer patient, we want you to understand every step of your treatment process. Most patients are referred to us after specialists have completed tests that show if cancer is present and at what stage. At this point, your personalized treatment begins with a pre-treatment consultation with one of our radiation oncologists.

During the consultation, a radiation oncologist will review the results of previous tests to determine if TomoTherapy radiation therapy is a treatment option. You will learn about how your treatment works and possible side effects you might experience. The oncologist may order additional tests like X-ray examinations, blood work or scans.

You will also be evaluated by a radiation oncology nurse who will take your pulse, blood pressure, weight, health history and history of your present illness.

We encourage you to have a family member or significant other accompany you to this visit. There will be a lot of information discussed at the consultation, so it is helpful to have a supportive friend there to help you process the information, ask questions and take notes. You can expect this meeting to last at least an hour.

Treatment Simulation

After the initial consultation, a treatment simulation is performed in order to gather more information about the location and size of the tumor and the surrounding tissues and organs. CT simulation has become one of the most sophisticated tools used in radiation therapy planning. With the use of the CT simulation, the accuracy of radiation therapy is greatly enhanced. CT simulation allows the radiation oncologist to directly visualize your particular anatomy and treat only the targeted tissue while identifying and avoiding critical structures. This greatly reduces your unwanted side effects.

Treatment Planning

Your radiation oncologist and other members of your treatment team carefully study the information gathered during the simulation to better understand your specific case and to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Taking your general medical condition into consideration, your treatment team uses computer-aided technology to develop a plan that provides the safest and most effective treatment for you. Your dosimetrist leads this process.