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Memory Clinic

The Memory Clinic at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital is a part of the SIU School of Medicine Memory and Aging Network. The Memory Clinic, as a branch of Behavioral Health Services, provides evaluation, treatment, a comprehensive care plan, therapeutic counseling and referral services. The clinic is located in the Medical Arts Building, 1900 E. Lake Shore Drive, Decatur, IL 62521.

Memory disorders can be caused by a medical condition that is reversible with proper treatment, or may be related to dementia. There are many causes of dementia, but some common forms are Alzheimer's disease, stroke or vascular dimentia, Lewy body dementia and Parkinson disease. 

Dementia Warning Signs

A number of symptoms may indicate the presence of memory disorders. People with the following symptoms should be evaluated:
  • Recent memory loss that aff ects job skills
  • Diffi culty performing tasks
  • Language problems like diffi culty recalling names or numbers
  • Disorientation to time and place
  • Loss of judgment
  • Problems with abstract thinking
  • Misplacing things
  • Changes in mood or behavior
  • Changes in personality
  • Loss of initiative or motivation


An evaluation at the Memory Clinic may include:
  • Physical and neurological examination
  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Evaluation of possible medication toxicity or drug interaction
  • Medical and social history
  • Diagnostic testing, including laboratory tests and a brain scan and/or neuropsychological testing as indicated
If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one, it is important to seek evaluation as soon as possible. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please call 217-464-2540.