HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital takes pride in providing the best care possible for your loved ones. When they’re at St. Mary’s, they’re more than just patients to us. We know they’re grandparents, parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and great-grandparents who mean the world to your family.

St. Mary’s provides a wide range of services to help your loved ones of all ages whether it is a heart attack, stroke, cancer, a broken bone or a very serious emergency. We’re here in times of trouble for your family.

We’re also here for some of the good times. So many local families begin at St. Mary’s with hundreds of babies born here each year, and some of the services patients receive here give people a better life.

HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital is here for your family.

Jackson is a miracle

“When we get this outcome, it’s definitely the ultimate outcome that we would want for anybody, but especially with a child. They’re so young and have such a long life to live,” said Sandy, Jackson Scharf’s mom.

Janice defies the odds

“It takes a good hospital. It takes a good family member, good friends. It takes a community to make miracles happen. She’s definitely been on the receiving end of that,” said Mark, Janice Cordell’s son.